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Remove Food and Personal Items
Swiffer Floor
Clean Dishes
Pick-up and Remove Trash
Bring Outside Cushions and Chairs Inside

Cabins are stocked with the following items:

• Cups, Plates & Cutlery
• Electric Skillet
• Microwave & Toaster
• Coffee Maker & Filters
• 3.7 Cubic ft. Fridge/Freezer
• Cast Iron Frying Pan
• Cooking Oil
• Paper Towels
• Garbage Can & Bags
• Air Conditioner/Heater


• Credit Card required to book cabins.
• Credit Card will be charged upon booking. Refunds will be issued up until 7 days prior (no refunds after that).
• Must have an adult in group 21 or older.
• No Smoking within 50ft of cabins (including deck area).
• Checkin at 2:30PM / Checkout at 12:00PM.
• Bring your own bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.).
• Quiet hours 10:00PM - 8:00AM.
• No Pets Allowed.
• Each Cabin has a fire pit (wood is available for purchase at host camper).


$65 per night (Friday - Saturday) / $50 per night (Sunday - Thursday)


Camping Rates/Rules

All campers must check in with Host Camper and pay, before their reservation/site selection becomes official. Reservations are first come, first served.
Any trailer, or tent left onsite will be charged for each day of occupation without special permission from management.
Any trailer or tent left without communication with park staff for more than 7 days will be taken to the City of Macomb’s police impound lot. All charges for transportation will be paid for by owner.
Spots may not be reserved by a tent or truck parked to block the power pedestal. All campers must be plugged into the spot nearest to them. Trying to trick the system to save a site will result in a camper being asked to move/leave.

Tent Camping $15/night

There are many places to tent camp around the park. Please check in with the host camper to see which areas we have available.
Additional tents to a site.
Additional tents may be added to a site for $10 per night.

Camping Adventures

We have several camping sites which are only accessible on the hiking trails and some that you must reach by canoe or boat. For all of these sites you must register with our host camper. To use the remote campsites at Spring Lake North you must email management@macombspringlake.com with your party size and equipment needs. Canoes may be rented and prices are based on the group size.

30 Amp Site $19/Night

This service includes electrical, and the use of water hydrants throughout the park. 100 ft of hose will suffice in most areas of the park, or you can use one of our hose reels located at the host camper. Sewage may be disposed of at our dump site. These sites are first come, first serve.

Golf Cart, ATV’s, Side by Side Rules

State Law requires all golf carts at campgrounds to have specific insurance coverage for use on city roads and in campgrounds. To use a golf cart within Spring Lake Park you must check it in with the host camper and provide an insurance card which reflects liability insurance for your golf cart. Homeowner’s insurance is not acceptable, as it will not cover an accident on park property. Golf carts must have a maximum speed of under 15 mph, be in good repair, be mechanically sound, and be aesthetically pleasing. Carts that meet these requirements will be issued a Spring Lake Park Golf cart use sticker at no cost.Golf Carts that don’t meet these requirements will be asked to not be used in the park. No golf cart may be operated in the park after dark without headlights and brake lights (a flashlight is not an acceptable alternative). All operators must be licensed drivers, as all state laws apply. All accidents must be reported to management.
The use of Golf carts is a privilege. The use of golf carts could be prohibited by The City of Macomb if it becomes a safety concern.
ATV’s, Gators, and Side by Sides are forbidden by law. All staff are instructed to report use within the park to law enforcement.
Golf carts must be street legal, pass inspection, and pay $20 permit fee.

Lake Motor Rules

All motor sizes are allowed on Spring Lake. No wake and idle speed are strictly enforced.

Off Grid Camping

We have placed several off the grid camping sites around the lake in remote locations only accessible by hiking trails or by canoe/kayak.
Spring Lake North is 180 acres of woods and fields with two campground sites accessible with a 30 minute paddle. These sites are ideal for campers wanting to experience solitude and larger groups wanting to get away. Pricing varies by group size and rental needs. $15-up

Requirements for use:
Call/email to make a reservation with management.